Hair Shaping

Deva Curl

Looking fresh and young could be as simple as the state of your bangs or sharpness of your angles. Hair shaping is approached with the awareness of the laws of gravity and the principles of architecture. No matter your face shape- round, oval, square, heart or long- there will be a hair shape that look best on you. Let our hair care professionals treat you to a free consultation today!

Service Price
Deva Curl Haircut $ 65 and up
Curly Slide Cut $ 55 and up
Women’s Cut $ 48 and up
Men’s Cut $ 25 and up
Girls Ages 6-11 $ 30 and up
Girls haircut (Under Age 6) $ 20 and up
Boys Ages 6-11 $ 15 and up
Boys haircut (Under Age 6) $ 10 and up