Control Your Curls!

                                                                    CONTROL YOUR CURLS

Having trouble with taming your curls? Fortunately we have some tips for you to tame those curly locks.. This article will give you some tips leaving you with soft, manageable, frizz free curls!

Tip 1: Control Your Curls


Shampoo your hair with the Ricci Splash Shampoo leaving your hair clean and extra moisturized. Then condition with the Ricci Drench Conditioner smoothing hair and leaving curls tangle free. Ricci has a special blend of conditioners, moisturizers, and natural extracts that control unwanted frizz leaving your curls ready to style. A microfiber towel is suggested to dry your curls. It helps keep moisture within the curl and wards off frizz, while boosting volume.

Tip 2: Control Your Curls


When styling your curls you want to get rid of the frizz. The Rake & Shake method of styling is a great way to enhance your natural curl and while locking in moisture. Thirty Styling Gel is a styling gel that moisturizes as it holds your curl.

Step 1: Take ½” horizontal sections while hair is towel dried.

Step 2: Provide enough Rici Thirsty Gel in the palm of your hand to evenly coat your curls.   

Step 3: Take your fingers and Rake them through the curls with product in hand twice, then at the end of the hair strands shake side to side to create the natural curl.

Step 4: Once the entire head is done with the Rake & Shake method of styling grab your diffuser and diffuse curls on medium heat,  low air pressure to get that perfect natural moisture holding curl.

Step 5: Apply a light spray of the Rici Memory Setting Spray 6 inches away from head to enhance effects to your curl.

Controlling your curls can be difficult but with these tips it will make a world of a difference. Locking in moisture within your curl will help control frizz and enhance your natural curl.

Enjoy Your Control!