Easy Tips for Getting Hair Volume!


How to get more VOLUME in your hair?

 You all want to know the tips you can take home with you, so you can receive high rise volume in your hair! Now we have some helpful tips and products we recommend for you to achieve that big sexy hair you desire!


Alek Boost Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Boost the strength and volume of your hair with Alek Boost Volumizing Shampoo. Infused with Natural Proteins, Amino Acids, Boost Volumizing Shampoo imparts tremendous shine, condition, and strength.This is the first step to get beautiful voluminous hair.

Haircuts DO Matter!

Layers are your bestfriend!  When it comes to creating a nice bounce to your hair. Layers reduce weight within your hair, and having  layers surrounding your face will make it easy to achieve a volumized hair style. Hair that is all one length tends to be heavier and it is harder to acheive the goal you are reaching for. We recommend trained professionals at D’Agostino Hair Artistry to create a nice smooth, flowy, layered haircut.

   Apply Product Before Blow Drying!

Alek Kreate texture styling creme


Blow drying can be FUN! But, first we need to apply product to towel dried hair to achieve our look! We recommend Alek Kreate Texture Styling Creme, For all Hair Types. A versatile, medium to firm hold styling product, Alek Kreate Texture Crème allows your Kreativity to take over. Kreate any style on any type of hair texture. On thick hair, Kreate a piecey textured look that is not stiff. For finer and regular textured hair, Kreate volume and smoothness with stronger hold.

  Go Against The Grain!

Go against the grain with a Technique round bristle brush.

Figure out which direction your hair lays flat and then style it in the opposite direction. This will create lift at the roots, because your hair is still trying to go the other way. So, for example, blow dry your hair so that it’s going to the left. Once it’s dry, comb and style it to the right. BAM: instant lift with almost no effort!


We all want to achieve beautiful voluminous hair. With these easy tips, it will help you get the look you want! High Rise Volume!